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Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway is now hiring 10 Machinists in St. Paul, MN.  You can go online at:  www.cpr.ca/en/careers/

or contact the servicing General Chairman.

National Contract Negotiations resume February 22, 2017. Updates to follow shortly thereafter.

Congratulations to John Lawrence of Local Lodge 511, Kenneth Krause of Local Lodge 356, Mark Perez of Local Lodge 1041 and Shaun O’Connor of Local Lodge 498, who are the newest members of District Lodge 19’s Executive Board. Acting PDGC Lacey said, “We want to express our appreciation for your service and commitment to the membership of the District and I personally look forward to working with you all.”

National negotiations with the freight railroads and the IAM Coalition remain stalled, hostage to the Carriers’ unremitting demands for major concessionary changes to the healthcare plan.

Negotiations began in January of 2015. IAM invoked mediations in October 2015. The parties have met regularly since then under the auspices of the National Mediation Board. Little progress has been made.

Each side has exchanged voluminous information with the Carriers emphasizing what they consider to be high costs of the national health insurance plan relative to other industries, including non-union. The IAM coalition has stressed how much the plan design savings from the last contract have gone to hold down costs, that employees are paying enough now, and comparing us to non-union industries, is a non-starter. The parties also remain far apart on wages. And, at a recent session, the Carriers added a host of concessionary work rule demands to their agenda.

Our shop craft coalition, IAM, TCU, BRAC, IBEW & TWU met in mediation with the NCCC on October 25th to continue national negotiations. The cost of the national health & welfare plan was the main topic of discussion. At this point we are weeks away from the national elections and, once complete, look forward to a productive round of negotiations to be tentatively held December 6 & 7, 2016.


Local Lodge 356 from District Lodge 19 out of Kansas City held an informational picket at the Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.  Local lodge 356 was joined by members from local 378 out of Topeka, District 19 General Chairmen Michael McCarthy and Kyle Loos, along with support from the Southern Territory’s, District 70 and the Kansas State Counsel of Machinists.

The purpose of the informational picket was to inform the public of the anti-union tactics being used by the Carrier against our brothers & sisters, and to tell the K & O, Enough is Enough! (A)PDGC Lacey stated, “Today sent a strong message of strength, Machinist determination and solidarity. Over 40 IAM members from the Transportation Department and the Southern Territory joined together to send the K & O a message; Enough is Enough!” Lacey continued, “I would like to thank the General Chairmen for their leadership, and the membership from local 356 for their continued support, while we fight to bring justice and dignity to their work place. I also thank General Vice President Sito Pantoja and General Vice President Mark Blondin for their help with this very important fight.” 

10.6.2016 - Local Lodge 356 Holds Informational Picket

Our shop craft coalition, IAM, TCU, BRAC, IBEW & TWU, met in mediation with the NCCC on September 27th to continue national negotiations. The main issue of discussion was focused on healthcare benefits and the associated costs of the plan. Acting PDGC Lacey stated, “Our coalition is determined to maintain the current level of benefits while negotiating in good faith to bring resolve to this current round of negotiations with a contract our members will ratify with confidence.” The NCCC did not present any counter proposals in this round. We are currently scheduled to resume national negotiations on October 25, 2016. 

Acting District 19 President Directing General Chairman John Lacey was invited by the White House to attend todays announcement by Vice President Joe Biden that the proposed deal between Amtrak and Alstom Transport has been finalized. The $2.45 billion train project calls for Alstom Transport to build new high-speed Acela trains to service Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. Alstom Transport expects this deal to provide more than 500 new IAM Machinist jobs to its plant in Hornell, NY.

“I’d like to thank International President Martinez, the IAM Legislative Department, IAM District 19 and the skilled IAM workers at Alstom for making this happen,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “This is the kind of thing that not only changes the lives of current and future IAM members but it also changes entire communities.”

“This is a major deal that will create about 500 high quality IAM jobs in Hornell, New York,” said International President Bob Martinez. “I’d like to thank the IAM’s Legislative and Transportation Departments for their dogged determination over many months to get this done.”

"It was an honor and a privilege to represent our members in District 19 and Local lodge 2741 in this historic announcement that will bring high quality jobs to the Hornell area," said PDGC John Lacey.  "I would like to thank International President Bob Martinez, General Vice President Sito Pantoja and Legislative Director Hasan Solomon for all the efforts that were put forth to make this happen."

Part of the $2.45 in federal loans will be used to upgrade the passenger railroad’s current fleet. Amtrak will contract with Alstom to build 28 next-generation high-speed train sets that will replace the trains used as part of Amtrak’s Acela Express service. The trains will be built at Alstom’s Hornell and Rochester, N.Y., facilities.

“This loan is a key step to providing investments needed to help keep high-speed trains moving throughout the region, and to help all commuters in the Northeast Corridor,” said Vice President Biden. “We need these kinds of investments to keep this region — and our whole country — moving, and to create new jobs.”


District lodge 19, our coalition partners and the National Carrier’s Conference Committee (NCCC) are currently working with the National Mediation Board (NMB) in order to determine the availability of all parties so that we can proceed with our June meeting.

Unfortunately, we have no new information to report as our previous meeting was cancelled by the NMB. We are currently awaiting the counter-proposals from the NCCC regarding vacation, holidays, personal leave and bereavement.

Please rest assured that we will update you as new information develops. As many of you know, negotiating under the Railway Labor Act (RLA), especially in a national agreement involving many different Unions and Carriers, can be a long and arduous process. Despite that, District Lodge 19 remains committed to bringing back a fair agreement that rewards our Machinists for their incredible work in helping to keep America moving.

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