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Brothers Danny Tavares of Local Lodge 318, Brother Mark Perez Local Lodge 1041, Jeff Liuzzi and Richie Torres Local Lodge 754, along with District Lodge 19 Secretary / Treasurer Rich Nadeau, on the behalf of District Lodge 19, attended the IAMAW Legislative and MNPL Conferences in Washington, DC. 
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On Friday May 11, 2018 CSX Transportation at the end of first shift announced a furlough at their Cumberland, MD Locomotive Facility & Yard and at the Hamlet NC, Yard. 

Cumberland and Hamlet  Machinists on the first shift were notified at the end of their shift. The 2nd and 3rd shift Machinists who were being furloughed were notified by a phone call and told not to report to work. Thirity-eight (38) Machinists will be furloughed at the close of business on May 18, 2018 at Cumberland MD. Two (2) Machinists at Hamlet NC, will  be furloughed at the close of business on May 18, 2018. Machinists who are being furloughed will be paid five (5) days of pay in lieu of working. The IAMAW – CSX Working Agreement calls for a five-day (5) furlough notice. CSX has elected to pay the Machinist in lieu of working.

These furloughs are just another casualty of the “Precision Railroading” implemented by now deceased, CSX CEO Hunter Harrison and his Protégé and present CEO James Foote. There is no doubt that “Precision Railroading” is a job killer. CSX reported in their 2017 Annual Report of an increase of $339 million in revenue and $461 million in operating income. This just isn't enough for CSX.  CSX continues to furlough employees despite their increases and the fifteen percent (15%) tax break given to them to be used to increase employment.

The Cumberland and Hamlet Machinists who have five (5) years or more of service as a Machinist will be eligible under the Employee Protection Agreement to draw EPA payments and continued Health Care coverage in addition to their Railroad Unemployment Insurance.

Our members also have the opportunity to request a transfer to another CSX facility. Currently CSX needs Machinists at Waycross GA, Evansville IN, Grafton WV, and Jacksonville FL.

Railroad Retirement Board Disability Examiner Training

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Labor Member of the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) requested District Lodge 19 to develop a Power Point Presentation of the work and tasks that Railroad Machinists do in the performance of their duties. This was an effort to satisfy the Inspector General’s Office and their determination to reduce the approval rate of Occupational Disability.

The first phase of this training involved the creation of a PowerPoint presentation. District Lodge 19 Educator, Andrew Sandberg with the help of General Chairman Josh Hartford worked on gathering photos and the data needed for the content. They then developed a very good-looking Power Point to use in their presentation.

Phase two on October 17, 2017 involved a trip by Brother Sandberg to the RRB Headquarters and presenting it to the Labor Members office, adjustments were made using their comments at this point.  Next on March 21, 2018, a meeting was held with the Management and Labor Members offices back in Chicago where Brother Sandberg presented it a second time and received additional input for final changes.

Lastly, on April 11 and 12th, 2018 Brother Sandberg presented his presentation to the Disability Examiners. On April 11th APDGC Sandberg and RRB Examiners toured the CN Woodcrest Shop where the Examiners were able to see many locomotives and operations such as engine repairs and change outs. On April 12th Brother Sandberg trained seventy (70) Examiners at the RRB Headquarters with members of several Carrier’s management (attorneys) in attendance to defend each Carrier’s practices.

                         “I feel that this training will work in opposite of the Inspector General’s idea, none of the Examiners had any knowledge of what Railroad Machinists and Roadway Machinists do. Now that they know, it should be much easier for our Members to qualify for disabilities.”  Said Brother Sandberg.

A very important thing our members must know is that they should tell the RRB (on their disability application) in detail about the work they do. This is because the job descriptions from each Carrier can no longer be used by the RRB to qualify. The determination only goes by the tasks that our Member states that he or she currently does at work, this can be the whole job description, but they need to say and write it.

This was a worthwhile endeavor for the Districts Membership. The RRB believes that they will ask us to come back in two years to train new Examiners.

Click here to see the Power Point presentation made to the RRB Disability Examiners 

Local Lodge 2600, Chicago IL honors one of their own fallen members 

 More than 100 IAM members, family and friends gathered Monday April 30, 2018 to mourn and honor working people who have been killed, injured or sickened on the job this past year.

The IAM Safety and Health Department hosted the annual Workers’ Memorial Ceremony at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

At this year’s ceremony Local Lodge 2600, Chicago, IL mourned and honored one of their own fallen members. Members of Local Lodge 2600 placed a memorial brick honoring eleven year Member, Machinist Martin Rivera-Lira at this years Workers’ Memorial at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.  On January 16, 2018 Brother Rivera-Lira was fatality injured while working at the Chicago Union Station Amtrak Rail-yard. General Chairman, Mike McCarthy, Josh Hartford and Jason Gibbs attended this year’s Workers Memorial Ceremony honoring Brother Martin Rivera-Lira.

The Workers’ Memorial Program is held once a year at the IAM Worker’s Memorial on the grounds of the Winpisinger Center, in Hollywood, MD which was dedicated in 2001 to recognize and remember the union members who are no longer with us.

Watch the live stream of the Ceremony

Brothers and Sisters,

I am proud to say that on April 5 and 6th, 2018 Pan Am Rail Road members of Local Lodge 409 and 481 separately, yet overwhelmingly ratified the Tentative Agreement between the IAM - District 19 and Pan Am Rail Road.  This new contract went into effect on April 9, 2018.   Their first raise is as of the effective date of the Agreement despite the fact that the preceding contract did not become amendable until October 1, 2018.   The negotiating committee was able to bring this deal together in record time on this property.  I would like to say thank you to them, for their unwavering commitment and guidance on the negotiating of this deal.  Following is a summary of the many improvements in this Agreement:

  • A 5 Year Deal
  • Yearly wage increases starting at ratification date and not on October 1, 2018 when the previous contact expires. (members are enjoying a second raise in less than a year)
  • A forty percent (40%) increase in Skill Differentials
  • A tool allowance that increases yearly over the term of the Agreement until it reaches $225.00
  • Language that states when  members work a holiday they can now bank that holiday for use at a later date
  • No Health & Welfare increases for the first half of the Agreement with minimal increases in the last two years of the Agreement   

I would like to thank all the Pan Am members and officers of Local Lodge 409 and 481 for their support in this round of successful  negotiations with Pan AM.   

In Solidarity,

Gary Naylor

General Chairman                

All members covered under the National Freight Agreement are encouraged to contact your Local Representative, or General Chairman, to obtain access to the District Lodge 19 National Agreement Survey. This survey is only for members covered by the National Freight Agreement.


The IAMAW, District Lodge 19 reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) on December 7, 2017 and released a statement on December 27, 2017 that in the month of January Our Membership would vote on this TA.  All ballots were to be postmarked by February 5, 2018. 

After the ratification votes were counted the Tentative Agreement was rejected.  President/Directing General Chairman (PDGC) John Lacey will notify the NCCC and National Mediation Board (NMB) today of this news with hopes of returning to the bargaining table at the earliest time available.   Additional information will be put out shortly as updates become available.



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