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12/5/2018 GC John Denny Wins Double-Time for BNSF Traveling Mechanics

General Chairman John Denny wins double time pay for BNSF Traveling Mechanics.  Traveling Mechanics on the BNSF Railroad are monthly rated employees and have not been paid double time for time worked over sixteen (16) hours.  GC Denny argued to BNSF that Roadway Mechanics are paid at the overtime rate of time and one-half in accordance with their Working Agreement. BNSF argued that double-time provisions did not apply to Traveling Mechanics because they are monthly rated employees. He then argued that the provisions of the overtime rule applied to time and one-half on hours worked over ten (10), therefore, the double-time rules for hours worked over sixteen (16) also applies.  GC Denny convinced the Carrier that he was right and now has received confirmation that the change has been made and all Traveling Mechanics will now be paid double-time for all hours worked over sixteen (16). 
Congratulations GC John Denny for a job well done.