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3.8.2018 Amtrak Agreement Ratified by 96%

Brothers and Sisters,

After over 3 years of bargaining with the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), District Lodge 19, together with our coalition partners (TCU, TWU, IBEW, SMART, IBB, AND THE IBFO)  reached a Tentative Agreement (TA).   This Agreement was presented to Amtrak members for ratification.  Amtrak members across the country spoke and overwhelmingly (96%) ratified this agreement.

The Agreement period is from January 2, 2015 to December 31, 2021.  This Agreement allows our members to keep their Health Care Plan intact, which was their number one concern. It also allows for good General Wage Increases over the length of the Agreement.  PDGC Lacey stated, "I believe we achieved all our goals pertaining to general wage increases and health care.  I would  like to thank all of our Amtrak membership for their patience during this process, and I would like to thank General Chairman Michael McCarthy for his endurance and hard work bringing this round of negotiations to a successful conclusion  with the ratification of this Agreement".  

"This Amtrak Agreement was ratified by over 96%  of the membership, the highest of yes votes in my 30 years with Amtrak", stated General Chairman Mike McCarthy.  Amtrak has been notified that the Agreement Ratified and they are in the process of bringing everyone's hourly wage up to the new rate.   Once that has been completed the back pay can then be calculated.  The Agreement gives Amtrak until May to get this process completed and the back pay paid out.   However Amtrak has assured me that they will not wait to start this process.  They will do their best to expedite the back pay checks.

I want to thank all Amtrak members for their patience and understanding during this long round of negotiations.  I also want to thank all the Local Lodges that were instrumental in the voting process. 

Mike McCarthy, General Chairman 

You can download a copy of the Amtrak Agreement by clicking here and also find the Agreement under the Agreements tab.