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9.19.2017 LL 498 Disaster Relief Donation

Donation pic

Picture from left to right:
Recording Secretary Andrew Wiater, Secretary Treasurer Mark Kufahl and President Shaun O'Connor

On August 29th & 30th 2017, International President (IP) Robert Martinez and General Vice President (GVP) Sito Pantoja requested support from all Local Lodges to make donations to the IAMAW Disaster Relief Fund. Shortly after we also received a request for assistance from District 19.

On September 14th, a motion was made during our monthly meeting to make a donation of $10,000. The membership voted unanimously to approve the donation.

The Officers and members of L.L. 498 feel there is no choice but to help our Sisters and Brothers in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and the Montana, and other Western State wild fires.

I am extremely proud of all the members of L.L. 498. I hope that their generosity will prompt all other Local Lodges to do whatever possible to support our Sisters and Brothers in their time of need.

On Behalf of All Members of L.L. 498

Shaun O’Connor

President L.L. 498