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General Secretary-Treasurer Department announces and schedules Financial Officers' Seminar for Railroad Local Lodges  September 15 - 20, 2019 at our training facility, William W. Winpisinger Center, in Hollywood, MD. 

We encourage all Financial Officers who have not attended this training please do so.  If you are a Financial Officer and have not attended this training in a few years we also encourage you to attend it again.  Local Lodge Financial Officer work is extremely important and this seminar will make your job a lot easier.  

Please Click on 2019 Financial Officers Seminar Registration Packet to Register for the Seminar. 


General Chairman John Denny wins double time pay for BNSF Traveling Mechanics.  Traveling Mechanics on the BNSF Railroad are monthly rated employees and have not been paid double time for time worked over sixteen (16) hours.  GC Denny argued to BNSF that Roadway Mechanics are paid at the overtime rate of time and one-half in accordance with their Working Agreement. BNSF argued that double-time provisions did not apply to Traveling Mechanics because they are monthly rated employees. He then argued that the provisions of the overtime rule applied to time and one-half on hours worked over ten (10), therefore, the double-time rules for hours worked over sixteen (16) also applies.  GC Denny convinced the Carrier that he was right and now has received confirmation that the change has been made and all Traveling Mechanics will now be paid double-time for all hours worked over sixteen (16). 
Congratulations GC John Denny for a job well done. 
Most railroad retirement annuities, like social security benefits, will increase in January 2019 due to a rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the third quarter of 2017 to the corresponding period of the current year.
In January 2019, the average regular railroad retirement employee annuity will increase $60 a month to $2,808 and the average of combined benefits for an employee and spouse will increase $86 a month to $4,078. For those aged widow(er)s eligible for an increase, the average annuity will increase $34 a month to $1,396.
You can also download RRB News announcement concerning increased benefits by clicking on  No. 18-8 October 2018.
Members working for Keolis of Local Lodge 318 Ratifies Agreement
On October 4, 2018 a coalition consisting of the IAMAW-District 19, TCU, ARASA, IBB, SMART Mechanical, SEIU/NCFO, TCU Carmen, and the TWU Carmen reached a tentative agreement with KEOLIS Commuter Services. This tentative agreement came about after numerous years of some very tough negotiations and even mediation.  During the first week of November this tentative agreement was presented to our membership for ratification and it was overwhelmingly accepted.

This Agreement provides for a 15.5% general wage increase over the term of the agreement.  Retirees, employees terminated  who are reinstated and the beneficiary of any employee who passed away will receive full retroactive pay. 

The employees’ Health & Welfare cost sharing has minimal increases, there is also  a new H&W plan which will be offered as of April 1, 2019.  This plan will further reduce the cost sharing for employees. 

This Agreement also provides for an additional new holiday, Martin Luther King Day, this has been added as a paid holiday.
There were several work rule changes that favor the employees as well as security language negotiated to protect the members if Keolis’ contract should not be renewed with the state of Massachusetts in June of 2022.

Keolis is a contractor hired by the state to operate the MBTA Commuter rail in Boston, being a contractor always makes negotiations tougher than usual, however, District 19 along with the other unions of our coalition prevailed in providing a very good agreement that our membership overwhelmingly accepted.
I would like to thank President / LC Danny Tavares, III, Local Lodge 318 for his assistance and hard work in helping with negotiating this agreement.  I would also like to thank all the Machinists of Keolis for their solidarity, support, patience and understanding during these tough negotiations.
Gary Naylor                              Daniel N. Tavares III  
Gary Naylor                 Danny Tavares, III 
General Chairman           President / LC LL 318
On September 20, CSX sent emails to all crafts informing us that they were instituting a new Discipline Policy (IDPAP). The IAM immediately requested a phone call to discuss the changes and went to work on analyzing the new policy that was sent in an attachment to the original email. At first glance we found that the suspensions had been reduced which we agreed with but we also found that this latest version imposed a Formal Reprimand at the first step without a chance at an investigation/trial. This violates our agreement and every other Unions agreement as well.

On September 21, at 3:30 PM, We had a conference call with CSX Labor Relations and all other crafts. We raised our concern with the new policy and Labor Relations tried to explain that a formal reprimand is not discipline, this is not true. Arbitrators have consistently ruled that any derogatory mark on an employee’s personnel file is considered discipline and therefore an investigation needs to be offered prior to issuing a formal reprimand. At this point the Labor Relations team put all of us on hold for several minutes, when they came back on they claimed that they would be getting back to us on this. As you will see on the updated policy for all crafts, CSX made the necessary change. So, this time CSX actually did the right thing before anyone was hurt by it.

In addition, all steps were reduced in the policy as you will see in the attachment. This reduction is more of a savings so CSX doesn’t have to fill jobs when Members are disciplined but it helps us too. All in all, this is good news for our Members.
Andrew Sandberg                                                            Jason Gibbs
Andrew Sandberg                                                              Jason Gibbs 
 Asst. to PDGC                                                               General Chairman 
Members on the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad (LS&I), ratified a new  2015-2019 Agreement
In November 2014 District 19 served their Section Six Notice on the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad. Negotiations began shorty after that.  A tentative Agreement was reached in August 2018. 
On September 30, 2018 the members on the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad ratified their new Agreement.  This agreement is a four (4) year deal from January 1, 2015 thru December 31, 2019.  The agreement provides for a 12.5% general wage increase (GWI) over the term of the agreement.  The first GWI of 3% was given on January 1, 2015.  The balance of the GWI will come in July of each year of the agreement.  The Agreement also provides retroactive pay.
The Health and Welfare will remain pursuant to the National Health and Welfare plans, and the exception of the plan being administered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers more in network providers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in which the LS&I Railroad is located. 

I would like to thank all the members of the LS&I Railroad for their patience and solidarity during this long period of negotiations. 
Kyle Loos
Kyle Loos
General Chairman
I am proud to announce that on September 13, 2018, our members that are employed at the Indiana Southern Railroad ratified their new Agreement.
The ISRR Bargaining Committee served their Section Six Notice on the Carrier in March 2016.  Several very hard negotiation sessions where held over the next two plus years. The Bargaining Committee  reached a tentative agreement with the Carrier on June 21, 2018. I am proud to announce that on September 13, 2018 the Tentative Agreement was ratified by the membership.
The Bargaining Committee  successful in holding off the Carrier's demand to  eliminate of all the Maintenance of Ways Machinist Jobs. This agreement offers seven (7) General Wage Increases and maintains an affordable rate of medical, prescription, and dental benefits for our members.  Improvements of the Agreement include:
  •   Paid time off for holidays will now be counted as hours worked for determining overtime.
  •   Earned vacation has increased and any unused vacation will be paid out at the end of the year.
  •   Additionally, our members now will accumulate Flex Days at a rate of 0.5 days per month and can be used as personal days off for various reasons.
  •   Each January members will qualify for a voucher for the purchase of safety glasses and boots. 
  •  Finally, in the event of a furlough, members will be eligible to transfer to another G&W property during the furlough.
This agreement is the result of solidarity between members in three different departments of this Carrier.  I would like to thank the bargaining committee and the members at ISRR for their patience and support throughout the bargaining process. 

Josh Hartford
Josh Hartford, Chairman

Section Six notices were served by District Lodge 19 upon the Carriers on November 1, 2014 to amend the current Soo Line / IAMAW Agreement and Delaware & Hudson / IAM Agreement.  After almost four (4) years of negotiations a tentative agreement was reached on July 24, 2018.   The tentative agreement was submitted to our General Vice President Sito Pantoja for his review and approval.Click to Read More

Amtrak during the week of August 10 provided a preview of the interior of its new Acela Express fleet that will operate on the Northeast Corridor. The train’s prototype is being made by IAM DL 19, Local Lodge 2741 members at Alstom's manufacturing plant in Hornell, New York, and will be completed in 2019. The first train is slated to enter service in 2021, with all 28 units slated to enter service by the end of 2022.

In 2016, Amtrak announced plans to invest $2.45 billion in Acela Express service along the Northeast Corridor, including a contract with Alstom for the 28 high-speed trainsets. This contract also brought approximately 500 new members into the IAM.

“Our members at Alstom have done an incredible job building these trains that will help revolutionize the rail industry,” said Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja. ”Commuters in the Northeast corridor will experience firsthand our members' quality craftsmanship.”

The new trainsets will accommodate up to 386 passengers, marking a 30 percent increase over existing Amtrak trains. They will also provide riders with a more comfortable traveling experience with many upgrades, including more spacious leather seats with lighting, seatbacks that will have handles to aid travelers to walk through the train and larger bathrooms.

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