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Greetings to all the Members of District Lodge 19:

               Official Election Results.

The counting of the ballots has been completed and tallied by three District Lodge 19 Tellers.  

GC Josh Hartford and DL19 EAP Director Danny Tavares volunteered for and were appointed to IAMAW, Transportation Department Critical Incident Response Team by GVP Sito Pantoja.   Brother Josh and Danny have responded to several  Critical Incidents already.  They are a part of a large team that Brother Sito put together to help our members when potential life changing incidents happen to them.  Members tell the story about the relief they get when members of the CIRT team shows up at a time when they need support the most.  They tell us that the support of the CIRT team is invaluable.  The CIRT team is just a phone call away.   READ MORE

Oregon Democrat Senators Ron Wyden and Jeffrey A. Merkley want answers from Union Pacific Corporation Chairman, President and CEO Lance M. Fritz on why UPRR has furloughed nearly 200 employees in Hinkle, Oregon.  Senators Wyden and Merkley sent a letter to Mr. Fritz requesting a full explanation to better understand the impacts on the workforce and facility disinvestments.

Senator Wyden and Merkley in their letter stated:  "We are deeply concerned about rural Oregon economics and your company's actions as it appears to risk destabilizing already fragile communities.  While the company has substantial resources to reinvest and modify operations over time, many of these workers and their families are not so fortunate".  

                                                                                                                          Click here to read the Senators letter.  

We will stay in contact with Senator Ron Wyden and Jeffrey Merkley offices and report back to you on any response they may receive from UPRR CEO Fritz. 

The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Chairman, Peter DeFazio (Read DeFazio Letter) has called a special hearing to receive our testimony regarding the Machinist, Rail Workforce.

This hearing is the result of our efforts last month to inform Mr. DeFazio and the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous materials- Dan Lipinski on the Effects of Precision Railroading.

Please keep sending a survey each time you feel that the current conditions that you are working in resulted from this new model. Please be as specific as possible when doing so.


General Chairman Gary Naylor Successfully protects

Machinist work
on the Metro- North Commuter Rail 
Read More 



Lincoln, NE Local Lodge 612 Locomotive Shop and Havelock Wheel Plant Machinists ratified an Agreement that will protect the jobs of over 400 local residents.
Click to read more.

This is the official call to register for the upcoming District Lodge 19 Basic Local Chairman Development program June 2 - 7, 2019. You can download the Basic LC registration  packet by clicking here -BASIC LOCAL CHAIRMAN DEVELOPMENT REGISTRATION PACKET. The program schedule offers a wide range of training for all members of your Lodge to educate, develop and refine their skills to represent the membership skillfully and effectively.  There are no restrictions as to whom may enroll in this program but we will give priority to members who are currently holding a position that the course is designed for.  

Click to download and print Registration Packet.



General Secretary-Treasurer Department announces and schedules Financial Officers' Seminar for Railroad Local Lodges  September 15 - 20, 2019 at our training facility, William W. Winpisinger Center, in Hollywood, MD. 

We encourage all Financial Officers who have not attended this training please do so.  If you are a Financial Officer and have not attended this training in a few years we also encourage you to attend it again.  Local Lodge Financial Officer work is extremely important and this seminar will make your job a lot easier.  

Please Click on 2019 Financial Officers Seminar Registration Packet to Register for the Seminar. 


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