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National Agreement Arbitration Update 9/20/2018.  Arbitration Hearing concludes late Wednesday September 19, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,
Hearing of Arbitration Board 604, IAMAW-District 19 concludes late afternoon on Wednesday September 19, 2018.  

The Chair and Neutral Member of the Arbitration Board (Special  was Ms. Charlotte Gold (Arbitrator), and the Organization Member was Acting PDGC, Mike Perry and Carrier Member Chairman of the NCCC, Ken Gradia.
The Machinists were represented at the hearing by Attorney Carmen Parcelli form the Guerrieri, Bartos and Roma Law Firm.  The Carrier's were represented by their legal council.  
The hearing opened with our opening statement given by our representative Ms. Parcelli.   The Carrier’s opening statement was given by their legal representative. Following the opening  we, the Organization, presented our case.  Since we are the moving party and have the burden of proof we presented our case first.   Our case comprised of over 45 exhibits along with testimonies from Acting PDGC Mike Perry, Local Chairmen, John Lawrence LL 511 (CSXT), Josh Cox Local Lodge 180 (BNSF), Michael Mills Local Lodge 1676 (NS), and James McAninch LL 356 (UP).   Also, testifying on our behalf was Grand Lodge Research Economist Richard Pantoja.
We put forth all our evidence and testimony and then rested our case.  Then Carriers then put forth their case.  Their case was essentially based on, as they describe it, “Pattern Bargained Agreement”.  In simple words they said since ninety-five (95%) of the National Agreement Employees were now under the Agreement that we have to be under that agreement also. They also presented exhibits, but put on only two witnesses.  They were Chairman of NCCC, Ken Gradia and David Scofield who presented the Health and Welfare Plan Valuation from Willis, Towers, Watson.
After the Carrier's rested their case and all matters had been completed the hearing closed late afternoon on Wednesday 9/19/2018 and now Ms. Gold is left with making her decision. The Arbitration Agreement calls for a written decision from the Neutral, Ms. Gold, within ten (10) days from the close of the hearing.  As with all Arbitrations, it is a 50/50 shot at best.  Through strong testimony and documented evidence, we more than substantiated our position.  We are hoping for a favorable decision and anxiously awaiting the decision. I will advise you and post a copy of her decision on our website  as soon as I have received it.

I would first like to give Local Chairmen John Lawrence, Josh Cox, James McAninch and Michael Mills a special thank you, on behalf of us all.  Their testimony was the strength of our case.  They represented all of you, professionally with integrity and honesty.  This was not an easy thing for them to do.  Representatives from all the Class One Railroads were present in the room when they gave their testimony . They look the Carriers in the eyes, gave their testimony with confidence; and the strength of the Machinists Union shined through them. After their testimony the Carriers knew we were serious and tired of the way they treat us.
Next, I would like to thank, Attorney Carmen Parcelli for all her long hours and hard work putting a very strong case together, all her preparations that went into presenting our case. She took this assignment personally and gave it her all, for us.
Also, our thanks go to Grand Lodge, Transportation Department Research Economist, Richard Pantoja.  His presentation proved that the Carriers are enjoying their best years ever and will continue to enjoy that for years to come.  His presentation showed that the Carriers can afford to reward us for the hard work we do and that we deserve it and they should reward us.
And lastly but certainly not least, I want to thank all of our General Chairman, for their work and support during this difficult process.  Many of them were in the room.  But not all the General Chairmen could attend, because as you know we had our Advanced Local Chairman’s class going on at the same time and their services were needed there. 
You can read the highlights of the testimonies  by clicking on Testimonies.   Also, you can read our Submission by clicking on “Organization Submission” and the Carrier’s Submission by clicking on the “Carrier Submission”.
Once again, I want to thank all our members for your patience, support and solidarity during this round of negotiations.
Mike Perry
Acting PDGC