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  • President, J. Michael Perry

Message from PDGC Mike Perry 
Greetings to all District Lodge 19 Members,

The District has been extremely busy through May of this year.  In February we had our District Officer nominations.  The Delegates at our 2018 District Convention lowered the criteria to become a qualified candidate to run for a District Lodge 19 position, and as a result, an election will be part of our process this year. We welcome the spirit of an open and honest election to enhance the process of democracy. I  encourage all our members to take part in this election and highly recommend you cast your vote on Friday June 14, 2019.

In April of this year District 19 Delegates had the honor to represent the membership of District 19 at the bi-annual Transportation Conference.  The number of delegates at the 2019 Conference was more than double of any other Transportation Conference in the past.  District 19 was well represented.  Railroaders were given special recognition in a Railroad exclusive video, followed by the State of the Railroad and District Lodge 19 report outlining the work your staff of District 19 has done over last two years.  Below is a summary of what I reported to the Delegates at the Transportation Conference.

District Lodge 19 Transportation Conference Report

           District Lodge 19 Arbitrated the National Freight Agreement. 
           Successfully Negotiated and Ratified 20 Agreements and presently have 4 in Negotiations.
 Claims and Grievances:
          200 Claims / Grievances filed and won for a total of $524,609.30.
          Several Claims / Grievances won protecting Machinist work, improve safety, brought back   out-sourced work in house and established additional full time Machinist positions.
 Discipline Investigations:
         Represented Members at 65 Discipline Formal Investigations 5 of these Members were    found not guilty after the Investigation resulting in $22,801.33 back pay.

Arbitration - Public Law Boards / 2nd Division Cases
        Presented 42 Cases to PBL and/or 2nd Division – Majority were Discipline Cases
        Back pay awarded $409,031.34 (includes $26,756.30 job protection insurance claim denied  appealed and won) .
        Nine terminated members was returned to work without back pay.  These Nine members  were terminated with just cause but GC’s were able to convince Arbitrator to give a 2nd  chance.
        One case was a Jurisdictional of work Dispute with another Union trying to claim Machinist  work which was won by DL 19 at Arbitration.  Tremendous amount of Machinist work and  Machinists were protected. 
 Insurance Claims:
        In the last two years we have helped approximately 253 members with different insurance issues.
        Thirty-five members insurance was canceled that we got reinstated.
        We filed at least 20 denied claim appeals that were overturned, and all claims paid. (We Cannot determine the dollar amount because we did not know the value of the denied claims).
        We filed an appeal for one member who was denied Medicare until July 2019, got that over  turned and his Medicare was backdated to December 2018 to show no gap in coverage.
        We filed an appeal for one member on an Aetna Supplemental Sickness case where all claims   were  denied.  On the final appeal we filed, the member was awarded all back-pay and received a check for more than $8,000.00
        Just a few months ago we successfully filed for Supplemental Plan E for a member that had   just retired, had an accident and was in a coma and could not speak for herself. This gave her   an addition $500,000.00 in medical coverage.

As you can see your District Staff has been extremely busy working for you. 

Several DL 19 General Chairmen and Local Lodge members attended the May 2019 Legislative Conference.  In this conference we learned that the IAMAW membership will have a voice in who the IAMAW will be endorsing for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Race.  What will be coming is an electronic voting process in which all members will be able to cast a vote for who they want the IAMAW to endorse for the next President of the United States. More information is forth coming on this.

We also heard from several Senators, Congressman and others that are seeking our support for their bid for the President of the US.  All Senators and Congressmen and others seeking the Presidential Office pledged their full support  and committed to be fighting with everything they have to protect not only us, but every hardworking person in this country.   On Wednesday an invitation was sent out to many Senators and Congressmen to join the Legislative Delegates in a Congressional Reception.  I must say their response was overwhelming.  Over 50 Senators and Congressman joined us at this reception.  They are seeking our support because they know that the Machinists are very powerful in the political arena.

On a lighter note, our 5th annual Guide Dogs of America, Charity Golf Tournament was another great success.  We overflowed the golf course with golfers.  We had 82 golfers that participated in this year’s golf tournament.  Our Golf Tournament came very close to  raising enough funds to sponsor one guide dog for a vision impaired person. I would like to thank each and every Donor, Local Lodge and Member that participated and all the golfers who came out to support this most worthy cause.  It is only because of you that we can do this.

On the communications of the District, Brother General Chairman John Denny gracefully volunteered to become District Lodge 19 Communicator.   He has already started a District 19 Facebook page. (District 19 IAMAW).  You can find the happenings around the District on this Facebook page.  We will be transitioning the Communicators duties to Brother John over the next couple of months. 
National Agreement Section Six notice:  We are presently working on an Electronic National Agreement survey to be sent  to the members who fall under the National Agreement in July of this year.  You will be able to access this survey from Computers, iPad and Smart Phones.  For those who do not have smart phones or use computers or iPads, there will be a process in which you can submit a hard copy of your survey.  The results of these surveys will play an important role in developing our section six notice and will be used in upcoming National Agreement negotiations. 

All the staff of District 19, including your Secretaries are working very hard each and everyday for you.  We are working very hard in restructuring the District, improving communications and the way we communicate.  I personally thank all of you for your support and your patience as we implement many changes to make District Lodge 19 more efficient in all aspects.

Vacation season is quickly approaching. I wish each of you a great and relaxing vacation, wherever your vacation may take you. 

In Solidarity and always fraternally yours,
Mike Perry