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Local Lodge 754 Long Island, NY Training

Local Lodge 754 Long Island, NY Training

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

On April 24th and 25th District 19 conducted Local Lodge Training for Union Representatives of Local 754 from the  Long Island Railroad in New York. This training included an introduction to the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the Labor/Management Relationship within the RLA. In addition, we introduced methods used to find information on the internet that will help our Local Representatives achieve the best working conditions for our members. Examples of this information included how to use the National Mediation Board Website and other sites with railroad information such as other Labor Laws and other arbitration award listing sites. An overview of Local Lodge position duties, some challenges we face in the Labor Movement (Janus) and  the basic principles of strategic planning were also included.

It was impressive to see 19 members turn out for just over four hours on each of two week nights where they were all off duty, they showed up on their own time. This training was entirely Railroad specific which everyone found it easy to stay engaged. We talked about issues going on presently in their workplace as well, which furthered their interest. Next, we reviewed each Local Representatives job and Constitutional jobs with the updated IAM Constitution that we provided, this was intended to help Local Representives understand all of the jobs in an effort to keep the work they do relevant to their job and keep from burning out trying to do everything.

The most challenging discussion we had involved the JANUS case being heard by the Supreme Court with a decision due out soon. This could change our way of life drastically if this case causes a nationwide right to work for less position for us. The discussion led to some ideas of how we might combat the effects of the Janus case (things we need to be talking about everywhere). One suggestion included the idea that we could ask members to voluntarily make a promise in writing to continue paying dues regardless of how the law applies.

In designing this training for Local 754, LL President Dave Negus and I conducted a survey to determine the level which we could start training, then we decided to start with two nights as an ice breaker into seeing if it was worthwhile. If so,we plan to do more training, specifically in the area of winning Rules based grievances/claims at a later date. Rules cases are the most difficult to win and require investigation including data collection of a great magnitude. I believe this training was a success and I look forward to doing more training like this for our members. I would like to thank Local 754 Members and Officers for their willingness to learn as we endeavor to help our members.

Please contact me at the below phone number or email if your Local is interested in on-site training. The Local would only need to provide a location for the training and an explanation of the topic they feel training is needed in. Also, if their are any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Phone: 865-335-3593  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Solidarity,

Andrew Sandberg Assistant to PDGC / DL 19 Educator


Pictured are: (not in any particular order)

Local Chairman Bill Hunt, President Dave Negus, Vice President Richie Torres, Financial Secretary Eric Jimmer,
Trustee / Shop Steward Ocar Valle, Trustee Jeff Luizzi, 
 Trustee Sean Bently, Shop Stewards Gerry Meigel, Emilio Albanise, Committeemen Matt Kalwiss, Joseph Menichine, Al Vellota,  James  Michels, Tommy Eng, Lou Perrcoco,
Audit / Election Committeemen Bob Prybyzerski, Andrew Amato & Rich Sharp 

Also pictured are General Chairman Gary Naylor and AtoPDGC / Educator Andrew Sandberg