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Retired and now lifetime member Frank Gould April 16, 2018

Retired and now lifetime member Frank Gould April 16, 2018


Brother Frank Gould

Brothers and Sisters please join Local Lodge 1347 Bellevue Ohio and District Lodge 19 in wishing Brother Machinist Frank Gould a well-deserved and earned very long, happy and healthy retirement.


Brother Gould started his railroad career with the Penn Central Railroad at Buckeye Yard in Columbus Ohio on March 11, 1976.  He was working at Buckeye Yard when the Penn Central Railroad became part of Conrail.  After the Norfolk Southern – CSX – Conrail merger, Brother Gould became a Machinist with the Norfolk Southern Railway.  After becoming a Norfolk Southern Machinist, he transferred to Bellevue Ohio and finished his career at the Bellevue Yard.

Brother Gould put forth 35 years and 3 months of faithful service to the railroad industry working for three different Railroads.  In addition, and more importantly, he gave 41 years and 5 months of faithful service, support and dedication to the International Association of Machinists, District Lodge 19 and his Local Lodge in Columbus and Bellevue OH.  Brother Gould served as the Financial Secretary for both Local Lodges.   When you do the math, you will discover that during his career he was furloughed for a period of time.

During the Local Lodge 1347 Union Meeting on April 16, 2018 the members and officers of that Local honored Brother Gould for his long, faithful service and dedication by presenting him with an IAM Retirement Watch.  Pictured is Local Lodge 1347 President, Adam Hamernik (left) presenting this watch to now Life-Time Retired IAM Member Frank Gould.

Brother Frank, I had the pleasure and honor of working with you at the Bellevue Locomotive shop.  And I can say that I enjoyed every minute that we worked together. 

Brother Frank, I speak for all the members of District Lodge 19 in wishing you a very long happy and healthy retirement.   You may send Brother Frank Gould a retirement message by visiting LL 1347 Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/IAMAW-Local-Lodge-1347