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Important Tax Notification - Form 1095-B


Under the federal healthcare reform law (also known as Obamacare), most individuals are required to have health insurance that meets certain coverage requirements. The failure to have the required health coverage may result in a tax penalty payable to the IRS. Most individual taxpayers are required to indicate to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whether or not they have such health insurance coverage when they file their federal income tax returns.

UnitedHealthcare has sent or will be sending a Form 1095-B to any individual who was covered for health benefits in 2015 under one of the following three National Railroad Health Plans (the "Plans"):

  • The Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan
  • National Railway Carriers and United Transportation Union (NRC/UTU) Health and Welfare Plan
  • Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit Plan GA-46000

The Form 1095-B will show each month in which you and, if applicable, your spouse and dependents, were covered under one of the Plans. Enrollment in any of the Plans in a month will satisfy the requirement that you have appropriate health care for that month. Note that in most cases, UnitedHealthcare will not send a separate Form 1095-B to individuals covered under the Plans as a spouse or dependent. Therefore, if your Form 1095-B lists your spouse and/or dependents, you should provide them with a copy of the form if they are filing their own federal income tax returns. You do not need to submit the Form 1095-B to the IRS, but you should keep it for your records. UnitedHealthcare will also send a copy of your Form 1095-B to the IRS.

Hospital Association Participants: If you participated in a hospital association in 2015, UnitedHealthcare will send you a Form 1095-B on behalf of the hospital association. If you have a spouse or any dependents who participated in one of the Plans listed above in 2015, UnitedHealthcare will send a separate Form 1095-B containing their enrollment information.

Any Questions Regarding the Information on Form 1095-B

If you have any questions concerning the coverage information reflected in your Form 1095-B for 2015, you may call Railroad Enrollment Services at 1-800-753-2692.

Please note that Railroad Enrollment Services cannot provide tax advice and can only tell you whether or not you were enrolled in one of the Plans. If you have questions related to the health coverage requirement described above, including whether you might be eligible for an exemption from the requirement, please consult with your tax advisor.