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 PDGC Mike Perry

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  • President, J. Michael Perry

The Presidents Report December 2020


Greetings and Happy New Year

I must first apologize for not getting the District report for the 4th Quarter of 2020 out before now.

 The Pandemic of 2020 presented many challenges in the daily operations of the District and Representation of the members.  In early 2020, District staff travel was restricted to essential travel only.    The resurgent of COVID-19 cases over the last few months will keep essential travel restrictions in place for now. 

Meetings, Contract Negotiation Sessions and Arbitration Hearings are continuing; however, they are being held virtually.  Although this is not our preferred method, this is necessary for the progression of our work. 

As of now, the Semi-Annual Transportation Conference has been rescheduled for 2022, however a date have not been finalized.   The Grand Lodge Convention is scheduled to take place in September of this year.  There will be more to come on the GL Convention soon. The District Lodge 19 E-Board meeting, as outlined in our Bylaws, is still scheduled to take place in August of this year, as well with the District Lodge Convention in August 2022.

Railroad Furloughs have hit our members hard.  Rail Carriers, Freight and Commuter Rails alike continue to furlough members.  Our Commuter Rails suffer from significant losses in ridership plus Federal funding. District 19, TCU, and other Rail Unions along with the Grand Lodge Legislative Department are lobbying hard at the Federal level to fund our Commuter Rails. 

Freight Railroads especially Class One Railroads continue to furlough members.  Car loading did drop during the early stages of the Pandemic; however, many freight Carriers are now reporting car loadings are at pre-Pandemic levels.    Freight Carriers like to cite the Pandemic as reasons to furlough, but it is a well-known fact that Freight Carrier furloughs are a result of Precision Scheduled Railroading.  

District Lodge 19 staff has had to make difficult but necessary changes to keep our District operating effectively and efficiently.  I have made the decision to not replace the three open General Chairmen positions at this time.  This along with our other cost saving measures will keep District 19 financially sound for many years to come.

Please join me in congratulating Brother Gary Naylor, Jr. for becoming a Transportation Department Special Representative. Brother Naylor, we wish you well in your new endeavor.   Also, General Chairman, Jim Davis retired on December 31, 2020.  Jim has 47 years of Railroad service with 8 of those years as a District Lodge 19 General Chairman.  Brother Jim, thank you for your long and faithful service to railroading and fellow Machinists at the Local and District levels.   Please join me in wishing Brother Jim and his wife, a long, happy, and healthy, well deserved retirement.  

Please know that the District Lodge 19 Staff, including our secretaries, are committed to give the best representation and service possible to all our members. 

Please stay safe and keep your family safe.

In Solidarity,