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National Freight Arbitrated Agreement: 2015 Arbitrated National Freight Agreement

     National Freight Carrier's Cost of Machinists Cost of Wages & Fringe Benefits Non-Hospital Association 
     National Freight Carrier's Cost of Machinists Cost of Wages & Fringe Benefits Hospital Association

National Freight Agreement 2011:   IAM 2011 Agreement_2011.pdf (82 KB)
National Freight Agreement 2008:  IAM Tentative Agreement-final August 2008.pdf (74 KB)
National Vacation Agreement:        vacation agmt 1941-02122013112341.pdf (3.2 MB)


Terminal Railroad Alabama State Dock Terminal_Railroad_Alabama_State_Dock



Article   1 thru 10 – alstomagreemetntart100.pdf (418 KB)
Article 11 thru 19 alstomagreementart190.pdf (561 KB)
Article 20 thru 28 – alstomagreemetntart280.pdf (692 KB)
Article 29 thru Appendix A – alstomagreemetntart380.pdf (466 KB) 
2021-Alstom/2021 Final
2021 SRF- SRF-Form- Alstom

Amtrak Master Agreement: Amtrak_Master_Agreement.pdf (280 KB)                 
Amtrak_Master_Agreement.pdf October 18, 2010
Amtrak Wage & Rule Agreement:  Amtrak_Wage_Agreement_1_2_2015.pdf (1mb)
Amtrak Drug & Alcohol Policy: restricted medicationsD&A screening tool


Appalachian & OhioA_and_O_agrmt_1.25.2013.pdf (1.6 MB)


Belt: Belt-1-pdfBelt-2-pdfBelt-3-pdfBelt-4-pdf


BNSF:  BNSFAgreement9-1-13.pdf (2MB)
BNSF RETURN TO WORK FROM OFF-DUTY MEDICAL CONDITION:BNSF’s Medical department at 855.781.3058.  Completed forms can be sent via fax to 866.280.8574


Bombardier Agreement :  Bombardier Agreement (2.8 MB Updated 6/2018)

Buffalo & Pittsburgh: Buff_Pitt_RR_ 05_ 08.pdf (77 KB)
Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Agreement 2018: IAM 2018 Agreement: BPRR-IAMAW-01152018.pdf (5.8 MB) 

CN: CN_(US)_IAMAW_Agreement_May_15_2012.pdf 


Delaware & Hudson (D&H):  D&H_Agreement Oct_2018


DM&E:  DM-E Agreement.pdf (304 KB)
              DM&E 2017 PDF


Colorado Wyoming Settlement Agreement:  colorado_wyoming_4_12.pdf (73 KB)
Colorado Wyoming Controlling Agreement:  Colorado_Wyoming_Agreement.pdf (3.4 MB)


CSXT Master Agreement 2012:   IAM_CBA_Oct_31_2012.pdf (659 KB)
CSXT Student Machinist:  StudentMechanic16M-060-99.PDF (570 KB)
CSXT Roadway Mechanic's Agreement:  CSXTLaborAgreementNo.12-126-92IAM-BMWE-SMWIA.pdf (5MB)
CSXT Individual Development & Personal Accountability Policy September 2018 (IDPAP): CSX_IDPAP_September 2018


Indiana Harbor Belt:  IBH Agreement.pdf (6.64 MB)  

Indiana Southern Railroad: Indiana Southern Railroad July 2016 


Kansas City Southern:   KCS_Master_Rule_Agreement
                                                   KCS_National_Vacation_and_Holiday Agreement


Keolis Commuter Services: Keolis_Agreement_July_1_2016_to_June_30_2022 


K&O Railroad: K&O New Agreement-2020


Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad: Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad (LS&I) 2015-2019 Agreement


MTA Long Island Railroad: Mater Agreement PDF2016-2019 Signed Agreement, 2010-2016 Agreement PDF,
Christmas, New years Arb AwardUnions Letter Arb Award


Massachusetts Bay:  Mass_Bay_Agreement.pdf (6.7 MB)


MTA Metro North: Agreement January_2017-June_2019_amendment


Montana Rail Link :   MRL NonOP Agreement 2019 PDF
MRL Craft Specific 2019 PDF
MRL Traveling Mechanic 2019


Norfolk_Southern Agreement:  2010 IAMAW NS AGR ADMT 1.pdf (3.3 MB)
NS Student Agreement 7/1/2012:  Student_Agreement_7_1_2012.pdf (2.78 MB)
NS Welder Instructor Agreement:  Weldor.pdf (104 KB)
NS Side Letters : Norfolk_Southern_Side_Letters.pdf (1.47 MB)
NS Railroad Pump-Repairmen Agreement:  NS_RDW_MECH_AGMT.pdf (1.72 MB)
NS RDWY MECH 10hr Agreement: NS RDWY MECH 10hr Agreement
NS Go Team Side Letter: NS Go Team Side letter
RLS Agreement - RLS implementing agreement, Side letter#1side letter contract


North Carolina Virginia-Operations:  NVCA_OPERATIONS.pdf (1.1 MB)


San Joaquin Valley Railroad:  SJVRR_IAM_Agreement_2017


Soo Line:  SOO line agreement and appendixes combined

Soo Line Wage and Health Care -  Agreement October 2018


South Carolina Public Railway:  SCPR AGREEMENT2-09.pdf (165 KB) 
South Central Florida Express (SCFE):  South Central Florida Express Agreement June 2016 - June 2019  
South Central Florida Express - 2019 CBA final


UP MOW Roadway Mechs Agmt:  UP_MOW_RRMech_Agr.pdf (6.4 MB)
UP- MoPac-Memorandum of Agreement June 1, 1960: UP_MoPac_memorandum_Agmts_June 1, 1960
UP CNW Maintenance Operations:  CNW Maintenance Operations (5.04 MB)
UP Maintenance Operations:  UP Maintenance Operations (8.94 MB) 
UP Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad Company:  UP_Rio Grande_Western RR Company Agreement  July 1, 1980
UP Southern Pacific Transportation (Western Lines):  SP Western Lines Agreement October 1, 1993 
UP  Texas and Pacific Maintenance Agreement (Ft. Worth TX):  Texas and Pacific Maintenance Agreement (FT. Worth TX Aug 1969)
UP TM 8 & 6  AgreementUP TM 8-6 Agreement PDF
UP electronic Appeals: Electronic-appeals-pdf


SEPTA Agreement:  SEPTA.pdf 

Terminal RR St. Louis: Terminal RR Association of St. Louis

Terminal Railroad Alabama State Dock Terminal_Railroad_Alabama_State_Dock 

Transit America Services (TASI) TASI.pdfTASI signed Agreement PDF